Had better - modal verbs exercises. (คุณควรที่จะลงหลักปักฐานและเริ่มทำงานได้แล้ว) >>รูปย่อ Had better คือ ‘d betterเช่น I’d better not come. Ich liebe die Sprache und habe sonst immer die Note 1 oder 2. Mobile phones should be muted. Modalverben - Übung 1 - can, may, must. 5 If you don’t go to his party, you buy him a present. 2 You’re such a fun at parties, he invited you. Should is not as strong as must or have to. Modals of Advice 2 - Should, Ought to, Had better Type in the best modal to complete each sentence. vs. It was Jerry’s mistake. You've got to be careful with a cat You'd better get something a bit quieter. Should - ought to - had better - would rather - supposed to exercises elementary, intermediate and adavanced level esl. Can / could - exercises May / might Must / have to Shall / should Will / would Mixed modals - exercises Had better Home. 1. 4 You think there’s something wrong with you. Then, correct the mistake in the box. All the auxiliary verbs except be, do and have are called modals. ฉันไม่ควรมาเลย You needn‘t tell your brother about it. You had better put cool water on a burn. You had better settle yourself down and start working. Nur habe ich ein paar Schwierigkeiten mit der Verwendung von should, supposed to, ought to, had better. You ought to put cool water on a burn. can could, would. Notwendigkeiten, Verpflichtungen, Aufforderungen/ Bitten und Ratschläge; need, needn‘t , must. Look, there’s going to be a terrible storm soon. Find the mistake in each of the lines of text and click on it. should, should have, ought to, had better. Wir hatten ein paar Aufgaben dazu und ich hatte immer mindestens 3 Fehler. Ich verstehe es ja, aber kann es irgendwie trotzdem nicht. I … Modal verbs: can, must, mustn't, should, have to by helenaainacio: Must or Mustn't by klarica33: Rules by ciamciax: Modal verbs - Upper intermediate level by Mar_Blancafort: UNIT 1: Modals of obligation, permission and necessity by montsequesadabaiges: Modal verbs practice by CristabelFranco: Past modals by Abie28: Can - could - be able to The sun should be shining tomorrow. Type all of your answers in the spaces and then and click on "Check answers". (=advice) You must be patient with me. Select 'Check' to see if you have corrected the mistake. That is an advantage! You should be patient with me. I'd better go – I mustn't miss the helicopter! My teacher told me that I review my notes every day. You ought to go to a therapist. should, ought to, supposed to, had better do sth. You should put cool water on a burn. Hier kannst du auch "should" benutzen, weil "should" bei bei einer Pflicht oder einem Ratschlag verwendet wird.Das "supposed … If you need help, click "Show a letter". The sun rises every day. to be supposed to. should, ought. hallo, ich schreibe morgen eine Englischarbeit. Although all three have the meaning of should, "had better" is stronger because it implies a negative consequence if you don't follow the advice. Should - ought to - had better - would rather - supposed to exercises elementary, intermediate and adavanced level esl. (=strong advice) ought to/ought not to = should/shouldn’t Ought to has the same meaning as should, although it is more formal and not as common. 3 You get offended, he may have forgotten to ring you up. You ought not to be so strict with your daughter Yes, we use both have got to, for obligation, and had better, for advice, a lot in speaking. They are should, ought to, and had better. -I´m supposed to to be at work at 8am-Ich soll um 8 Uhr bei der Arbeit sein.-He is not supposed to be here-Er soll (eigentlich) gar nicht hier sein. may, might.

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