Just long-press on the widget that you want to remove and select the Remove Widget option. Price: Free. For the appropriate steps, please the sections that says, "Add widgets to your Home Screen" and "Add widgets to Today View": Use widgets on your iPhone and iPod touch. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 14, home screen widgets chief among them. Microsoft has released a new update for the To Do app on iOS, adding support for widgets on devices running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.. Widgets … Unbiased news app Brief is keeping to its promises to avoid clickbait with its minimalist, monochromatic widget designed to stop attention hijacking. 5. The Fox News widget also lets you swiftly open your Saved Stories. iPhone users have reported that sometimes the iPhone news widget disappeared from the widgets section. Brief. If you have Google Chrome installed on your iPhone, that means you already have this widget as it is just a part of it. If a widget that previously existed happily on your iPhone home screen has all of a sudden vanished, leaving an empty space behind, you're in the right place and the fix is very simple. It’s identical to removing apps on the iPhone. Ich nutze derzeit die aktuelle iOS Version (10.2.1) und seit ein paar Tagen ist das News Widget einfach weg. Das Problem hatte ich vor etwa einem halben Jahr schon einmal und konnte es beheben, indem ich mein iPhone zurückgesetzt habe. The app allows you to create and design widgets of your own with options to customize the font, color, background, and theme of the widgets. Google Chrome. You can select a new category by pressing and holding to edit the widget. When you add a widget to the iPhone home screen, iOS will make space for the widget and move around the icons. In this case, there are several troubleshooting solutions you can try. Widgetsmith is arguably one of the best widget apps available for iOS 14, as it makes the most use of the ability to add widgets to the home screen of your iPhone now. In this article, we share with you some of the most effective solutions to help you get the news widget back. To read the full story, tap on an item, and it quickly opens in the app. Also Read: How To Use iPhone Widgets: Best iOS 14 Widgets You Can Get After due resets and asking around, I figured that 5 iPhone users in my knowledge were also facing this issue. Function: Quick access to the News app and a listing of either top news stories or headlines from a category of your choosing. With that in mind, it's ironic that Apple placed so much emphasis on "widgets" this year when the new update removes a fan-favorite widget of the past — the "Favorites" Phone widget, which was accessible via the Today View or quick actions on the home screen. In addition, you'll want to make sure that News is toggled on for "Suggest App" and "Show App in Search" within your settings. The “Front Page” widget… When you remove that added widget, the app icon placement will revert to the original layout. Download.